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Welcome to Cynical!

Cynical's leadership style is 100% RBM or 'Responsibility Based Management' (it’s all about displaying leadership that promotes people taking personal responsibility for their actions, and the results they achieve), I believe in letting players take ownership and grow without being yelled at. This is our philosophy and as long as I'm GM, my officers will continue to lead in this manner.

Our membership consists primarily of mature players, ages 18 to 45 yrs old. We are an active guild with the majority of players participating on a daily basis. We are continuing to add strong new members to maintain a player base large enough to field daily raids and RBG's. As the majority of players are professionals college students, we recognize the importance of real world constraints to raiding, and as such we value our time spent by maximizing our effectiveness.

Recruiting Process

Cynical maintains a structured trialing process. Trials must be mature, willing to help out fellow guild mates, and take active roles within the guild. Once contact is made with the guild you are invited and trialed in our raids. Once we have a general idea of your skill, attentiveness and availability, upon Officer discretion you may be promoted to Raider or PvP status.

The Trial period is considered a probationary period where you will be evaluated based on the characteristics below. During this time period, you should make an attempt to be an active member of the guild, so we have a good opportunity to evaluate your progress. During this process, you are encouraged to be available during most of our weekly raids.

After you are added to the guild as a Trial member, you should continually seek feedback from Officers. Striving to improve your performance is looked at favorably. For those not accepted, there should be no hard feelings. We wouldn't have recruited you if you did not show potential. However, for one reason or another you did not fit into our guild structure. With so many good guilds out there, we would anticipate you would find another guild that better suited your needs.

What we look for in Members

Maturity: First and foremost we're looking for mature individuals to bring into the guild. People who understand when its time to have fun and when its time to get serious and listen

Willingness to help fellow guildmates: We all needed help at one time or another in WoW. We want our membership to be proactive in returning the favor.

Active: Being an adult guild, we realize the time constraints of outside influences on WoW. However, we like to maintain somewhat regular participation of all of our members

Friendly: We want our members to be courteous and helpful to fellow guildies. The core group of players have been together since startup. We continue to enjoy the time spent on WoW with our friends, but we also enjoy making new friends with guildmates.

Fun: The primary reason we all continue to play is we have fun. It takes us away from work, school, and real life issues to enjoy time with friends. We want our new members to have that same sort of fun and enjoyment within the game, while providing them with a guild structure and ability to enjoy WoW's end game.

What Cynical Offers

Hardcore Raiding for those who who want to be the best they can be.

PvP; we are in putting groups together for RBGs and Arena Teams in MoP. Speak to our PvP Officer for further details.

Flex/Alt/Gearing/Trial Runs every Tuesday.

Old Content Grinding for Xmogs and Achievements. First come, first serve, when people decide to group up.

Alt/Leveling Assistance for anyone who just wants to level a toon out of boredom.

Trivia Nights every other Thursday around 6:30 pm Server

Relaxed Environment to chillax and enjoy some gaming after a hard day at work or school.


Guild: Cynical

Server: Kil'Jaeden

Faction: Horde

Raid Size: 10 Man

Raid days:

1st Raid (10 Man 10/14H): Fri 7pm - 11pm/Sat-Sun 5:30pm - 9pm ST (whisper Raid Leader Kinkersqt,Lockdwn or Boxer) 

2nd Raid (10 Man 7/14H): Saturday-Sunday 5:30-9:30 PM  (whisper Raid Leader Lockdwn,Kindersqt, or Boxer)

Roles Recruiting:

Any player who thinks they are exceptional and wanting to progress in MoP fast. Currently, looking for Flex players that can come in and kill bosses and gear up. If you do well, you get the chance to keep the spot. Raiding is based on performance and not about who you know.


All: Must be at least 550 ilvl for the Hard Core Raiders

What We Want:

1. We want dedicated raiders who are willing to stick through wipes on progression.

2. We want raiders who have experience in their class and role.

3. We want raiders who have raid experience.

4. We want raiders who can explain why they are doing something a certain way when asked, w/o saying "Because so and so has/did it”.

5. We want raiders you take criticism and are willing to fix what needs to be fixed.

6. We want raiders with a 100% raid attendance. Going 2 days means you can't miss.

7. We want raiders who are well itemized(in current content gear) and have the proper gemming/enchants.

8. Raiders who own their mistakes.

* If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of my awesome officers Kinkersqt, Boxer, Stupify, and GM~Lockdwn.

So, what does all this mean? It means, "Welcome to the Guild and Enjoy your Experience!"

Lockdwn - GM

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