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Congrats on the Garry kill!  Get ready for mythic next week.  Roster has been posted on our forum.

Cynical's leadership style is 100% RBM or 'Responsibility Based Management' (it’s all about displaying leadership that promotes people taking personal responsibility for their actions, and the results they achieve), I believe in letting players take ownership and grow without being yelled at. This is our philosophy.

Our membership consists primarily of mature players, ages 18 to 45 yrs old. We are an active guild with the majority of players participating on a daily basis. We are continuing to add strong new members to maintain a player base large enough to field daily raids and RBG's. As the majority of players are full time workers or college students, we recognize the importance of real world constraints to raiding, and as such we value our time spent by maximizing our effectiveness.

Recruiting Process:

Cynical maintains a structured trialing process. Trials must be mature, willing to help out fellow guild mates, and take active roles within the guild. Once contact is made with the guild you are invited and trialed in our raids. Once we have a general idea of your skill, attentiveness and availability, upon Officer discretion you may be promoted to Raider.

The Trial period is considered a probationary period where you will be evaluated based on the characteristics below. During this time period, you should make an attempt to be an active member of the guild, so we have a good opportunity to evaluate your progress. During this process, you are required to be available during all of our scheduled raid times.

Short points on what we look for in Members:

Attendance: Raiders are required to attend 100% of raid times.  However if real life gets in the way, we require ample notice so we can fill your spot with players who want to raid.

Continuous Improvement: There's always room for improvement; You should be continuously striving to better your play style and seek feedback to how you can better contribute to the team.

Team Player: You're in a group with 24 other people, you need to be able to communicate to the team effectively.

Able to take constructive criticism: Being in a group with 24 other people, there's going to be eyes on you constantly.  Being able to take criticism maturely without taking it personal makes improving much more easier.

Guild Image:  We expect you to act in a professional manner while displaying the <Cynical> tag; In or outside of raid times.  Any one person can ruin a guild image - if you're found trolling or causing unrest in any chat channels you will be kicked without warning.

What Cynical Offers:

- Mythic Progression Raiding.

- Heroic/Normal Alt Runs Every Wed. 5:30pm - 9:30pm ST (Pacific Time / GMT - 7:00)

- Relaxed Environment to chill and enjoy some gaming after a hard day at work or class.


Guild: Cynical

Server: Kil'Jaeden

Faction: Horde

Raid Size: 20m

Raid days:

Fri 7pm - 11pm/Sat-Sun 5:30pm - 9pm ST (Pacific Time / GMT - 7:00)

Recruitment Needs:

Mele and non cloth dps.

**Note: although we have certain recruitment needs, if you believe you have what it takes to be a part of the team, feel free to apply for a tryout.**

Thank you for your time!

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